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Turkey press scan

These are some of the major headlines and their summaries in Turkish press on March 25th, 2005. The Anadolu Agency does not verify these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy.


HISTORIAN MCCARTHY:  EU WANTS TURKEY TO ACCEPT GENOCIDE CHARGES: U.S. Historian Justin McCarthy has stated that the European Union wants Turkey to accept all genocide charges. ''The EU would let Turkey in if Turkey 'confesses' doing a genocide against Armenians. Turkey must refuse all Armenian claims. Had there been a genocide, 80 percent of the population would not have remained alive. The number of Armenians who went to Russia and died of hunger is bigger than the number of Armenians killed by bullets.''
JOURNALISTS: ''TURKEY SHOULD NOT BE LEFT WITHOUT NEWS'': A group of Turkish journalists walked at the Sakarya center of Ankara yesterday (Thursday) to protest the upcoming changes in the Turkish penal code. One of the banners carried read ''Can't touch this news!''

CHP SUBMITS MOTION AGAINST AKSIT AND GUCLU:Kemal Kilicdaroglu of the Republican People's Party (CHP) submitted a motion against State Minister Guldal Aksit and Agriculture& Rural Affairs Minister Sami Guclu. The motion accuses Aksit and
Guclu of abusing their power by preventing the Institute for Social Services & Protection of Children from getting 1 percent share of the fund raised from horse race of the Turkish Jockey Club (TJK).
THIRD QUAKE IN TWO WEEKS :An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.5 shook eastern city of Bingol at 23.44 local time on Wednesday. There was not any
immediate report of casualties or damage. It was the third quake to strike the area in the last two weeks. A magnitude 5.7-quake injured 15 people and damaged many houses in the town on March 12th.
GERMAN DELEGATION NOT ALLOWED TO VISIT FAMILY IF GUNBEY:An 11-member delegation of the German Democratic Socialism Party (PDS) was not allowed to visit family of Selahattin Gunbey, who was claimed to have been killed by village guards in Nusaybin town of southeastern city of Mardin, for security reasons. Speaking on behalf
of the delegation, Rodbek Yarowoy said that they would ask for an explanation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
AGREEMENT FOR INCIRLIK:Ankara is positive about the request of the United States to use the Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkish city of Adana as a center
for cargo transportation. Officials have been working on an agreement determining conditions of use of the base by the United States.
The Labor Union of Turkish Journalists (TGS) and a group of
journalists held a march in Ankara to protest the new Turkish Penal Code (TCK).    
AKAYEV TOPPLES DOWN IN KYRGYZSTAN: After allegations of corruptness in national elections in Kyrgyzstan and mass demonstrations against him yesterday (Thursday), Kyrgyz president Askar Akayev has ran away from his presidential palace in Bishkek. Sources say Akayev fled to Russia.
U.S. VICE CONSUL PROTESTED IN TUNCELI: A group of people protested U.S. Vice Consul Alicia Allisan in southern Turkish city of Adana. Allisan met Deputy Governor Ozkan Demir of eastern city of Tunceli. Later, she arrived in the Municipality to meet Mayor Erol Abdil. A group of nearly 500 people protested Allison in front of the building by chanting slogans 'Go Home Allisan' and 'Murderer United States'.
SIX PEOPLE DETAINED IN CONNECTION WITH DESECRATION AGAINST FLAG: Security forces detained six people in connection with desecration against the Turkish flag during a demonstration in southern city of Mersin on March 20th to mark the Nevruz. The detainees including five children were arrested by the court and sent to prison.

MERILL LYNCH:  ''TURKISH ECONOMY ON RIGHT TRACK'':International investment firm Merill Lynch has indicated that the Turkish economy is on the right track. ''Thanks to IMF programs and reforms made for the European Union, the Turkish economy will soon boom.''
YANAL: ''TURKEY IS PREPARING FOR THE GAME WITH ALBANIA WITH UTMOST DISCIPLINE'':Head Coach of the Turkish National Football Team Ersun Yanal has remarked that Turkey is preparing for the game with Albania with utmost discipline. ''We know that Albania is a good team.  They have mid-fielders who can be very dangerous at times. We want to play a fine game and win.'' Turkey-Albania game will kick-off on Saturday in Istanbul tomorrow.

IMF WAITS FOR AN OFFICIAL INVITATION: International monetary Fund (IMF) External Relations Director Tom Dawson said that a certain date has not been set for visit of the IMF delegation to Turkey, adding that they have been waiting for an official invitation of the Turkish government.

Turkish Industrialists' & Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD) said that they would continue supporting the government as long as the government maintained the reform process.
''WE ARE READY TO OPEN OUR ARCHIVES'': A conference was held at the Turkish Parliament on ''Truth about Armenian Issue'' yesterday. Making opening remarks of the conference, Parliament Speaker Bulent Arinc said that Turkish nation has never committed genocide against any nation throughout its history. ''90 years have elapsed since 1915. Our parliament is ready to provide all kinds of facilities including confidential documents to enlighten the issue,'' Arinc stressed.

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