Is He the Saint of the Colonel?

A colonel name was added to the deep relations network of Sedat Peker under the Butterfly Operation. It was claimed that Colonel Metin Kutlug in charge in the Van Gendarme Public Order Army Corps Commandership, helped Peker to seize the mine in Balya Town with pressure and threat.It was claimed that the person mentioned by Kutlug as "My saint" at the telephone conversations with Varis Bayram Kucuk was, Sedat Peker. It was established that Metin Kutlug and Bayram Kucuk frequently talked on the phone. It was revealed -at a conversation tapped with the consent of the court- that Kutlug said to Kucuk, "I hope my Saint is fine. I like him very much. The things my Saint says are being solved one by one. He should not be annoyed. I gave the instructions."Kucuk called Peker after this conversation and said, "There are good news from Van. The necessary instruction has been given to Balikesir." It was stated that the Kutlug file was sent to the General Staff.Meanwhile, Hakan Ozturk, Ali Sahin Gurman and Ali Bin Kalkan, about whom an arrest warrant in absentia was issued after they were released together with Sedat Peker, surrendered to the office of public prosecutor yesterday. They were sent to Bayrampasa Prison. Peker and attorney-at-law Cagatay Ozdemir were sent to Kandira F Type Prison and Atilla Peker and Huseyin Nalbantoglu were sent to Tekirdag F Type Prison.
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