Didim counts down for Turkey’s largest marina

AYDIN - It is still under construction, but Didim is already feeling a boost from D-Marin, Turkey's largest marina, that will open in April next year. Constructed with a budget of $50 million, D-Marin has already attracted attention to Didim.

Didim is in the final countdown to the opening of Turkey’s biggest marina, D-Marin Didim, set for next April.

Constructed by Doğuş Holding with a budget of $50 million, D-Marin Didim, has already started to attract attention to the district in the western city of Aydın. According to D-Marin Didim’s Manager Murat Yaprak, the marina will provide a huge boost to Didim’s economy and tourism.

Yaprak said two famous Hollywood stars have already lined up to reserve their places in the marina, but did not provide any names as the deals are still not finalized. With a capacity for 1100 yachts, D-Marin Didim will be the largest marina of its kind in Turkey. The construction will be completed in late March and the marina will open in April.

An attraction
Murat Yaprak said the marina will mainly attract bigger yachts, an important asset in tourism.

"D-Marin Didim will generally host mega-yachts, between 75 and 100 meters in length," said the marina manager. "It will have a capacity for 650 yachts at the pier and a further 450 yacht space in the sea."

The marina will feature many other facilities, such as gas stations, banks, swimming pools, restaurants, culture centers, cafeterias, shopping malls, sport centers, a beach club, a yacht club and yachting equipment shops.

"In this large space on which D-Marin Didim is being built, there will be all necessary technical and social services," said Yaprak. The yachts will be protected by gigantic breakwaters at the marina. In addition to a main break of 1,150 meters in length, a secondary water-break of 625 meters will be established 600 meters northeast of the first.

The marina will also provide yacht owners with some technical assistance with parking, anchoring and other possible problems. Yaprak said it was important to have such a big marina in Didim as it was a significant position, rich in hinterland. Didim is open to sea travel from every point of the Aegean Sea and will be on the way for yachts following routes involving other Aegean and Mediterranean shores such as Çeşme, Kuşadası, Bodrum, Datça, Marmaris and Fethiye. As a result Yaprak believes D-marin has serious potential.

New borders may be opened
The marina will also be close to the Greek Islands of Kos, Samos, Kalimnos, Leros and Patnos, which will make it more attractive for international yacht owners. This may lead to the opening of new borders in the area and the addition of ferry tours between the islands and Didim, said Yaprak.

Didim Mayor Mümin Kamacı hailed the construction of the marina. "Having many tourism assets with its history, culture and nature, Didim will welcome tourists during 12 months of the year, not only in summer months, after the marina has opened," said Kamacı. "D-Marin Didim will help our district to begin a new era."

The construction of the marina has already increased real estate prices in the area. "The prices will rise even higher once the marina has opened," said Osman Coşkun, the Head of the Didim Real Estate Association. "The marina will boost Didim’s attraction."
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