10,000 join in anti-turban protest in Izmir

An estimated 10,000 people, including various civil society organizations, joined in a march and protest in Izmir against proposed changes to the Turkish Constitution backed by the ruling AKP and the opposition MHP which would lift current bans against the headscarf in Turkish universities.

The protest was organized in Izmir's Karsikaya district by the Patriotic Civizens Platform, and was titled "The Secular Republic March Against the Turban." The large masses taking part in the protest met up first in front of the gravesite of Ataturk's mother, Zubeyde Hanim, and marched from there to the Karsikaya main boulevard. Slogans seen in the march included "Ataturk Supporters for a Secular Turkey," and "We Women are Guarding the Secular State," "Men and Women Hand in Hand Against the Turban."
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