Zafer Caglayan: I am flying to Paris to deny the Armenian genocide

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Zafer Caglayan: I am flying to Paris to deny the Armenian genocide
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Ekim 09, 2006 13:40

The president of the Ankara Chamber of Industry, Zafer Caglayan, has asserted that he will fly to Paris on October 12 to publicly deny the so-called Armenian genocide on the day the French Parliament is to debate the controversial bill which would mandate fines and/or jail-time for those who deny the Armenian claims in public.

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 Caglayan expressed his views in a written statement, in which he also condemned what he called the "two-faced" stances of France and other EU countries. Caglayan also said in his statement "I want all of our people, our government, our individuals and organizations, to respond to this immoral and unreasonable attempt. Comments made by both Prime Minister Erdogan and General Yasar Buyukanit yesterday on  this matter were entirely appropriate and in place."

Caglayan's comments on the French "genocide denial bill" also touched on trade relations between Turkey and France: "On the one hand, you sell 6 billion dollars worth of goods to us, using Turkey's prospects to your best advantage, and yet on the other hand, you forbid denial of a genocide which did not occur, while you should actually be kissing the hands of the Turks."

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