US Defense Council report: 90 nuclear "B 61" bombs stocked at Incirlik

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US Defense Council report: 90 nuclear B 61 bombs stocked at Incirlik
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Haziran 07, 2006 11:47

A report prepared by the US National Resources Defense Council called "US nuclear weapons in Europe," reveals that the US currently has 90 nuclear bombs of the "B 61" variety in Turkey, all on the Incirlik Air Force base.

The report, put together by Hans Kristensen of the Defense Council, is based on figures provided last February by the US Air Force. The report is being discussed in the Turkish Parliament (TBMM).
In further details from the report, of the 90 nuclear bombs found at Incirlik, 50 are kept ready to be loaded onto American bomber planes, while 40 are ready to be loaded onto Turkish planes. CHP MP Sukru Elekdag, who is bringing the report to the attention of the parliament today, has pointed out to his government collegues that, following the Cold War, Greece had all the nuclear bombs being kept on its soil taken away. Elekdag has noted also that Turkey's allowance of the US nuclear bombs to be kept at Incirlik is an act which could not be easily explained to its Muslim and Arab neighbors.
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