Turkey should debate AKP's democracy definition

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Turkey should debate AKPs democracy definition
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Eylül 11, 2008 12:09

Turkey’s prime minister's recent acts signal he seeks a dictatorship and the country should start debate over the definition of democracy, Hurriyet's editor-in-chief said on Thursday. He denied the media group is involved in a battle with the premier. (UPDATED)

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"(Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan) is completely in the psychology of one-man rule. This is not good. Such an approach would harm Turkey," Ertugrul Ozkok told NTV news channel.


Erdogan launched a war of words on Turkey's largest media group Dogan Group over its publication of an ongoing charity fraud case in Germany. Hurriyet is the admiralship of the Dogan Group.


In the suspects in the case, accused of illegally transferring donations of a religious charity, Deniz Feneri, claimed in court that the money was paid to Erdogan and pro-AKP media groups.

Haberin Devamı


He slammed the approach of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) that with the 47 percent of support it gained it could do anything it wants under the guise of "national will".


"I think we should open a debate on the definition of national will... Let's hold a referendum on Cyprus to see what the national will says. They received 47 percent of the votes, but what about the 53 percent who did not vote for them?


"Hitler became Hitler with defining the national will in that way. The national will can’t be defined as such ('I got the majority of the votes, I do what I want). On the contrary today's modern democracies protect the minority."


Ozkok said Erdogan has carried out his attacks under the protection of immunity, but as a corporation, the Dogan Group is highly fragile, since state bodies and organs, which are supposed to have autonomy and independence, are now under the control of the prime minister.


Haberin Devamı

He added the group is not embroiled in a battle with Erdogan and ruled out calls to stop publishing stories on the charity fraud scandal.


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