Man found guilty of ’social violence’

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Man found guilty of ’social violence’
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Haziran 19, 2009 09:44

ANKARA - After hearing a divorce case, an Ankara family court has sentenced a man to pay 30,000 Turkish Liras in compensation for what it termed "social violence."

The family court fined the man for locking his wife in the house and not allowing her to attend university. The court ruled the man’s actions, which included locking his wife at home, expecting her to do only housework, not allowing her to attend university and not go out alone, amounted to social violence. The judge presiding over the case said it was the first time a court has sentenced someone on charges of social violence. The man, who resides in France, where his family produces prefabricated houses, had visited his hometown Kırşehir on holiday some years ago. He wanted to marry a relative who had been accepted to university. She refused, saying that she wanted to continue her education. Following family pressure and a promise that he would allow her to continue her education abroad, she agreed to marry the man.
Unkept promise
But after moving to France, the man did not keep his promise and would not allow her to leave the house and expected her to only perform housework. She returned to Turkey in 2006 and applied to the Ankara court for a divorce, citing violence from her husband and mistreatment by her husband’s family.

In response, the man’s lawyer said his client also sought a divorce but refused to pay any compensation or alimony. In its May 13 ruling, the court found the man guilty and approved the divorce, while also ordering the man to pay 400 liras a month as alimony. Separately, the court also ruled that under Turkish civil law, the man was obliged to pay 20,000 liras for material compensation and 10,000 liras for emotional compensation.

The judge presiding over the case said the emotional compensation was issued in a similar manner as cases that involve physical violence.
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