"Hello, bomb coming in" cell phone prank becomes problem in Gaza

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Hello, bomb coming in cell phone prank becomes problem in Gaza
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Ağustos 03, 2006 13:39

Following the Israeli army method of warning certain Palestinians by cell phone that their homes had been chosen for destruction for security purposes, Palestinians turned the "hello, a bomb is coming" phone calls into a prank joke amongst themselves.

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The prank has become so popular in recent weeks that the main Palestinian prosecutor's offices have forbidden "hidden" numbers on cell phones, to keep people in Gaza from calling and scaring eachother.

Reports say that many people in Gaza have turned off their cell phones, and disconnected their land lines, to keep from being pranked by those imitating the Israeli army forces. The Israeli army began the practice of calling cell phones to warn of home destruction, and to tell the residents to get their belongings and selves of the homes, a few weeks ago. Prosecutor Ahmet El Muganni worked with the Palestinian GSM operator Cevval and the telephone company PalTel to get rid of "hidden" numbers.

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