First confrontation with Peshmerge took place in Dohuk

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First confrontation with Peshmerge took place in Dohuk
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Şubat 22, 2008 12:39

The first stand off between Turkish troops and Kurdish peshmerge in the land operation started by Turkey Thursday night took place in Dohuk, according to sources.

ANKARA - According to Iraqi Kurdish sources in Ankara, peshmergas surrounded the Turkish military base established in 1997 in Northern Iraq's Dohuk.
With the start of Thursday night's Turkish land operation into Northern Iraq, Turkish troops and armored vehicles started to emerge from the base in Dohuk, at which point they were confronted by Kurdish peshmerga who had taken up positions around the site.
The same Iraqi Kurdish sources in Ankara do note that there no armed clashes between the Turkish troops and peshmerga in Dohuk, though Ankara has reportedly ordered the Turkish troops to maintain their positions in Dohuk also. Kurdish sources also note that the peshmerga in Dohuk have been ordered by regional authorities not to fire as long as the Turkish troops there do not move into action.  
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