Expats and local women join forces in Aegean region

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Expats and local women join forces in Aegean region
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Ocak 31, 2009 00:00

ISTANBUL - In less than a year, more than 200 members have joined ’Women in Turkey’, the association established in 2006 by an expat resident of Didim to raise awareness about the problems women in the region face Ğ and bring mobile health care to woman village by village.

British citizen Kym Çiftçi, who settled in the Aegean district of Didim four years ago and established the association joined member Hülya Kara as guests on a program on State Radio TRT last week.

Çiftçi characterized the group as a free service for all nationalities offering guest speakers, support and other opportunities for women in the area. "It’s very much a community thing where anyone and everyone can help and take part."

A large group of British women living in Didim were the first members but 20 Turkish women were quick to join the group and women from neighboring Kuşadası are also attending the meetings.

Women in Turkey (WIT) aims to inform women on health issues, organizing seminars on breast cancer, sexually transmissible diseases and prevention, plastic surgery and dental health. Hoping to compensate for a dearth of social activities in Didim, the association organizes trips to Izmir, Aydın, Şirince and Oğanbey. The group also arranges free theater shows for children.

Though men cannot be members, the group does not consider itself a feminist institution. "Most of our members are married with childrenÉ We believe women need more information than men due to the social structure," Çiftçi said.

The first mobile clinic session took place in mid-January. The groups says they have received TL 25,000 from officials from a hospital in Aydın to cover most expenses. Çiftçi said the mobile clinic will travel village to village, offering women medical checkups and guidance on health matters.

"The vehicle will be staffed by a medical professional supplied by BSK Anka and WIT is looking into the possibility of volunteers with nursing experience to assist with any language barriers or explanations needed," Çiftçi said. The association is also hoping to raise an additional TL 12,000.

For further information about WIT contact
Kym Çiftçi at info@wit-didim.com.
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