Erdogan: Hrant Dink's murderer is the opposite of a nationalist

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Erdogan: Hrant Dinks murderer is the opposite of a nationalist
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Ocak 22, 2007 10:45

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan used his closing speech at the AKP Kizilcahamam retreat to lambast the murder of ethnically Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, saying "The kind of people who did this might be anything, but they can definitely not call themselves nationalists."

Speaking from Kizilcahamam, where his AKP Party has been on a retreat, Erdogan thanked the media for showing the necessary sensitivity and care during the coverage of Dink's murder, and added:
"The determination showed by the government and the people to illuminate the events which occured showed results in the short time of only 32 hours. It was very very important to us that we capture this murderer before the burial of Dink took place. It is clear that there are social and psychological aspects to this murderer to which we should pay attention. Families and schools play important roles in our society in terms of rescuing our youth from this poisonous foundation......This country's greatest treasure is that we all live together, and that we all run towards the same goals." Erdogan delivered a strong warning at the closing speech for the Kizilcahamam camp that Turkey would not be swayed from its course by the actions of so-called nationalists like Ogun Samast, the 17 year old who murdered Hrant Dink.
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