Economist magazine warns on collapse of Turkey's EU goals

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Economist magazine warns on collapse of Turkeys EU goals
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Aralık 01, 2006 13:27

The Economist magazine has published an article warning that Turkey's EU accession talks are on the verge of collapse, and that such collapse could spark much more serious results than previously thought. The Economist article also opines that failure to allow Turkey into the EU would strike a blow to the bloc's foreign policies, and to its hopes of being a serious global power. The most recent issue of the Economist devotes a generous amount of space to Turkey's turbulent EU process, asking in one headline: "Turkey's train wreck: What can be saved?"

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The contents of the article assert that France, Austria, and the Southern Cypriots, while not wanting to openly admit their desire to close the door on Turkey, have brought a series of measures to the talks-table designed to encourage Turkey to leave.

The Economist article also notes that a slow-down in Turkey's EU goals will also be reflected in a slow-down of the country's Westernization, and reminds readers that support for the EU in Turkey has dipped enormously in past months. The article also notes that aspiration to join the EU has brought about stability and great change in Turkey, and that the loss of this goal could be serious: "The EU goal has brought about stability in certain changing aspects of the country. For the moderate Islamic government, it means protection against military intervention. For the military, it means secularity is guaranteed. For the business world, it means market reforms. For the Kurds, it means the promise of minority rights."

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