Bomb rips through heart of Ankara; 6 dead, up to 100 wounded

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Bomb rips through heart of Ankara; 6 dead, up to 100 wounded
Oluşturulma Tarihi: Mayıs 23, 2007 12:42

Turkey was shaken yesterday evening by a bomb attack in the heart of its capital, Ankara. Though police are still in the midst of investigations, it is thought that a package placed at a bus stop in one of Ankara's most heavily trafficked shopping and touristic centers, the Ulus district, was what exploded.

The result of the enormous explosion was that 6 people lost their lives, and at least 100 were wounded, 16 of those seriously. Enormous levels of damage were incurred due to the bombing, with surrounding buildings losing windows, shop signs falling, and smoke and dust everywhere.
Police arriving immediately at the site of the explosion said it appeared to be A-4 plastic explosive, a sign that the PKK terror group may have well been behind the act, as the PKK is known to favor A-4 in its bombings. Immediate fear that a second bomb might go off in the area sparked police to command that area cell phone signals be cut off, so that if there were any attempt to detonate using a cell phone, the act would be prevented.
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