A new world order

When the Iron Wall was torn down and the Cold War regime collapsed, prospect of opening of a new world order was a big hope for humanity. The new age, everyone was assuming, would be more peaceful, democratic and just than the Cold War era. Those hopes were at a record high particularly during the Bill Clinton presidency in the United States.

Efforts were underway even for a resolution of the most intractable problems such as the Arab-Israeli conflict. Had the Palestinian and Israeli leaders succeeded in walking just an extra few more steps, the Camp David process might have ended with a spectacular accord providing a two-state resolution to the Middle East problem.

Had the Clinton administration succeeded in ushering a breakthrough in resolving the Middle East problem, or the "mother of all problems," would the world gone through the trauma of 9/11 and the consequent pre-emptive global war on terrorism concept of the George W. Bush presidency that turned the world into a global theater of conflict?

It could be argued as well that apart from the poisoning effects of the Middle East problem, the "Green Belt Strategy," drafted by Zbigniev Brezinski and applied by the Jimmy Carter and Ronal Reagan administrations, played a major role in the development of what Samuel Huntington described as the "Confrontation of Civilizations".

Though even today many people still firmly believe that the United States brought the end of the Soviet Union greatly by applying the Brezinski’s "Green Belt Strategy," that is to establish a belt of countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran to Turkey, all ruled by political Islam to contain advance of the Soviets, in reality the ultimate product of that strategy was the Islamic revolution in Iran, an end to Soviet occupation in Afghanistan but continued suffering and instability in the impoverished country threatening global peace since then, Pakistan turning into an Islamic republic where civilian politics have become hostage of political Islam and Turkey gradually consolidating what is described as a "moderate Islamic" governance.

The "Green Belt Strategy" was a social engineering project of Washington that failed to produce desired results, it created a "terrorism factory" in Afghanistan, an instable and nuclear Pakistan, a die-hard Islamist regime in Iran and a Turkey on its way becoming gradually a moderate Islamist alternative to the oppressive Wahhabi Islamist autocratic model.

This "moderate Islamist" role that the United States has been promoting for Turkey as part of its Wider Middle East Project, of which Recep Tayyip Erdoğan boasts of being co-chairman, is no less than the "Green Belt" social engineering project of Brezinski and is as short sighted.

Good Muslims vs. bad Muslims
This social engineering effort of Washington to create "good Muslims" moderate-enough to cohabitate in peace with the Judeo-Christian culture requires a radical transformation in Turkey and the anti-imperialistic and patriotic legacy of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is an impediment in achieving that goal. The six-year rule of the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, a party adhering to the moderate political Islam perception in the United States, the growing Kemalist, nationalistic and patriotic concerns in the country that it is tilting from West to East and even the latest so-called Ergenekon probe and trial are manifestations of the resistance to such short-sighted designs by elements loyal to a modern, secular, democratic Turkey.

Will anything change in Washington with the swearing in of Muslim-fathered Hussein Barack Obama as the new global sheriff? Will Obama be able to chart a new world order based on peace and co-habitation with the differences based on the principle of equality of nations? Will he be able to stop the U.S. mechanism of carving out new states and creating a new map in the Middle East in hopes of providing better security for Israel at the expense of other peoples of the region? Will he be as hypocritical as his successor Bush and try to impose a peace in the Middle East on the terms of Israel, or will he be able to describe the murder of 1,300 Palestinians, mostly children and women, in Gaza as a massacre and tell Israel it has come to a limit?

Otherwise, Obama will not be anything different than a black Bush at the White House.

19 Ocak 2009