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Did the Turkish PM's co-chairing of the GMEI* project silence him on the 1.5 mln killed in Iraq?

Cuneyt Ulsever, a columnist for Hurriyet daily, made a very interesting comment last week; in brief he said:

- A major deterioration in the entire being of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was revealed after Numan Kurtulmus become new the leader of the Felicity Party...


I pondered this over an extended dinner engagement with Kurtulmus... Is he really the person that could change Erdogan’s being so fundamentally? Does he have inclination and the vision to initiate such a thing? I put such question to him and he responded with the utmost sincerity.


Here are my observations:


- Unlike Erdogan, Kurtulmus doesn’t have a "tough, belligerent and fierce" stance. He rather prefers a style that tells it in a softer, more convincing tone.



He says, "We are not here to divide. We are here to gather the dispersed pieces together," to those, who say they will cause a split in the support for the ruling Justice and Development Party.



We are not against public aid, but the AKP's aid distribution method is not right. Those offering aid assistance and those in receipt of this aid should not see each other...A social state doesn't equate to a giver of charity. If you want to offer aid assistance, remove the tax paid on the minimum wage instead of handing out washing machines. Balance the unfairness in revenue sharing. Lower unemployment...



The prime minister is evading us and is therefore unable to sign a loan deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). For years they ruled the country with the IMF and he knows the criticism he will face if he signs a deal. He will sign after the elections...



His reaction was appropriate. But, if this is his reaction to the Muslims killed in Palestine, why has he remained silent about the 1.5 million innocent Muslims killed in Iraq?



If you are claiming to be Muslim, you first be against the clergy and class classification. But as the situation stands, it appears as if a new Muslim class is being formed. Now we can see a veiled sister waiting at a bus stop and a veiled sister passing by in a luxury car... Expensive jewelry, holidays in luxury hotels, yachts and designer brands...



The details of all properties should be made public. In this way we will show that we did not come poor and leave rich. Political immunity should be lifted for all...



I said to the German ambassador when he visited me, "First take a decision regarding the expansion of East Europe. Let’s see your intentions. Until you make a decision, anything we do is pointless..."


These are the main points on the conversation I had with Kurtulmus... So, what can we say for Ulsever's comments after this conversation?


I don't know if he has been responsible for any change in Erdogan’s being, but I can see that Kurtulmus asserts his efforts to raising the "National Will" to an understanding of a global platform from a "desire of a third world country".


What is more, he does not owe "the cost" of this to anyone and he is in a position to analyze many important names within the AKP since they are come from the same background…



*Greater Middle East Initiative (GMEI)