Sarkozy reiterates: No place for Turkey in Europe

Hürriyet Haber
21 Eylül 2007 - 14:02Son Güncelleme : 21 Eylül 2007 - 15:02

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking on TF1 and France 2 channels, reiterated his views this week that Turkey was in fact not a part of Europe, but lay firmly in "Asia Minor."

Sarkozy also re-asserted his belief that that what Turkey needed was not a union with the EU, but instead a strong partnership. Said Sarkozy,
"I do not think that Turkey has a place in Europe. Because Turkey is a part of Asia Minor.....What I propose for Turkey is not a union, but a partnership."
Meanwhile, French Foreign Minister Bernard  Kouchner, who has made his support for Turkish membership in the EU clear in the past, said this week that in fact Sarkozy's views on Turkey had not changed since the election campaign.



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