Interpol issues red bulletin for Erdal

10 Mart 2006 - 12:04:52

Turkey's pressure exerted on the Belgium government has produced results with Belgian police now having applied to the Interpol General Secretariat on Wednesday in Lyon, requesting that a red bulletin be issued for Fehriye Erdal's arrest. Erdal, who was sentenced to four years by a Belgium court for crimes committed in the country, escaped from a house in Belgium where she was being held under house arrest.

Erdal is also wanted by the Turkish authorities for her involvement in the assignation of well-know Turkish businessman Ozdemir Sabanci.

After evaluating the application Interpol forwarded a message to its 186 member countries on 7 March saying that the organization is looking for Erdal. Interpol called on all member countries to return Erdal to Belgium in the case of her arrest.

Son Güncelleme : 10 Mart 2006 - 12:04:57