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    Women claim sexual harassment at a House of Refuge

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    03.03.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Seventeen people have been taken into custody following an investigation into claims by women who took refuge at the Ankara Children's Education and Therapy centre, which is tied to the government. It appears that a number of women who were seeking refuge at the centre were involved in acts of prostitution. The investigation, which began with the complaints of three women, who say they were harassed in the refuge home, has brought to light two more claims by women of harassment, making a total of five women hoping to see justice administered with regards to their ‘sexual harassment’ accusations. These are some of the sexual harassment claims of a few of the women who remain at the house of refuge: Ö.B.: The director watched me from afar all the time. When the other women noticed my world fell apart. D.E.: The director harassed me when I helped him. He wanted me to be his mistress. When I rejected his proposal he slapped me. S.S.: I saw the director leave the bedroom with a woman. He wanted to give me money to stay silent. In response to the allegations director İlhan Keyvanoğlu, who is currently in police custody, stated, “I am divorced from my wife. I am not having relations with any woman. The accusations are unfounded and are nothing but slander.”
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