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    What if Muslims wish to pray there?

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    21.09.2005 - 09:44 | Son Güncelleme:

    Ankara has responded sharply to an interview published in the weekly Tempo magazine in which Vatican City's Istanbul representative Georges Marovitch queries "What harm would come of it if the Pope were to kneel for two minutes and pray in the Hagia Sophia?" Ankara's official response has been "And what will happen if Muslims wish to do the same thing?"

    An authority in Ankara, speaking about the mini controversy, has said also "The perspective on the Hagia Sophia by certain groups and certain circles has been well known for awhile. The words about the Pope praying in the Hagia Sophia for a couple of minutes were spoken without thought to the potential reaction by these people. What will happen if they then say 'The Pope prayed there, but it is closed to Muslims'? The current status of the Hagia Sophia as a museum is the best one....."
    There has been no official response as yet from the Vatican to Turkish President Ahmet Sezer's invitation to Pope Benedict XVI to visit Turkey in 2006.
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