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    Turkish gov't says pro-Kurdish DTP-PKK relations blocks solution

    HotNewsTurkey Staff
    19.10.2008 - 11:18 | Son Güncelleme:

    Deputy Prime Minister Dengir Mir Mehmet Firat, who met with three MP’s of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) on late Friday, said the party's relations with the outlawed PKK organization was blocking any solution to the Kurdish issue, Hurriyet daily reported on Sunday. (UPDATED)

    "We know your reality. The type of relations you have with the PKK is an obstacle for the prime minister's (Tayyip Erdogan) efforts to implement solutions to the problem. We want you to recognize the PKK as a terrorist organization...," Firat, attending an unofficial dinner meeting, was quoted as saying by Hurriyet. 


    Firat attended a dinner with Democratic Society Party (DTP) chairman Ahmet Turk, and deputies Sirri Sakik and Ibrahim Binici. Firat took part in the dinner with Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's consent, the report also said.


    Firat, also of Kurdish origin, said he is aware that it is impossible for the DTP to view the PKK as a terrorist organization; however, there is an expectation that some actions be taken. "At this point we expect you to behave more sensitively, at least over some issues." he added. 


    The DTP officials stated that they were being ignored by prime minister for the solution to the problem. "He prefers to talk with (the leader of regional administration in northern Iraq Massoud ) Barzani and (Iraqi President Jalal) Talabani but the first part of the problem is the DTP and people represented by the DTP," the report quoted Turk as saying.



    The issue of “bad conditions” under which the leader of the outlawed PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, is being held at Imrali prison was also discussed at the meeting, Hurriyet said.


    “This may create a negative impact on the Kurdish people,” and “provocative actions against Ocalan could lead to reactions in the region,” the DTP parliamentarians warned, saying that “haste was necessary to bring to light issues and solve the problem,” the report said.


    However, Turkey's Justice Minister Mehmet Ali Sahin denied the claims of "bad conditions" on Sunday and said he ordered an investigation into claim as soon as it was raised. "No bad conditions exist," he added.


    They also suggested that a “general amnesty” could be implemented as part of the solution, it added.



    Protestors of Kurdish origin, gathered to condemn the alleged bad treatment of the PKK leader, clashed with Turkish police at several demonstrations in the southeastern province of Siirt at the weekend, leading to the arrest of 15 people.  


    Weekend protests were also quashed in the cities of Mersin, in the south, southeastern Sanliurfa -- where vehicles were set on fire -- and Van and Varto in the east, with one injury and around 30 arrests reported across the region.

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