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    Turkey will not be affected by Russian gas dispute

    Hürriyet Haber
    03.01.2006 - 09:58 | Son Güncelleme:

    Turkey announced on Monday that it wouldn't be affected by Russia's decision to cut gas supplies to Ukraine. Turkey relies heavily on natural gas from Russia and gets it via two supply routes. One of which is the Balkan Transit Pipeline that runs through Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria. The other is a conduit running under the Black Sea between the two countries.

    In a statement BOTAS said that, "The problem (between Russia and Ukraine) has had no negative effect so far on the Balkan Transit Pipeline." BOTAS added that, in order to avoid a possible shortage, it had bought large amounts of gas prior to Russia's cutoff of supplies to Ukraine Sunday and had kept storage at maximum levels in main conduits.

    "At present, 36-38 million cubic meters (1.26-1.33 billion cubic feet) of gas are flowing though the pipeline daily," close to the daily amount of 42 million cubic meters mentioned in the contract, the statement added.

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