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Turkey focused on EU project

ANKARA - With its ruling and opposition parties, with its old and young, Turkey is focused on the objective of full membership in the European Union, said the country’s newly appointed chief negotiator for EU talks yesterday.

"This is not only our project, it’s also the project for our children and tomorrow," Egemen Bağış told reporters before attending a luncheon hosted by the Czech Embassy and attended by EU ambassadors in Ankara.

At the luncheon, Turkey’s future steps to attain the goal of full membership and the EU member states’ intention to integrate with Turkey would be confirmed once again, said Bağış. He stressed the recent steps taken by the government proved that all the country focused on the target.

Turkey committed to full membership

"The release of the National Program, the broadcasts (in Kurdish) on TRT-6, (the Cabinet’s decision) to restore poet Nazım Hikmet’s citizenship, the appointment of a minister in charge of EU negotiations, the trip made by our prime minister to Brussels and future steps show Turkey has focused on full membership, with its ruling and opposition parties, with its East and West, with its civilians and military," he said.

Bağış also called for cooperation and support from every circle. "We want to cooperate with everyone. We hope to reach the target all together," he said.
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