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    Turkey closes three Istanbul shipyards over deaths

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    14.07.2008 - 14:45 | Son Güncelleme:

    Inspectors of Turkey’s Labor and Security Ministry decided on Monday to suspend activities at three shipyards in Istanbul’s industrial town of Tuzla until the dangers threatening lives of workers were removed.

    The inspectors, who examined health and security conditions at the shipyards, decided that there were some deficiencies and dangerous elements about facilities, working conditions, machinery and equipment and decided to close Saban Kasap-Sahin Teknecilik, Mengi-Yay Yacthing Company and GESA Ship Corp. shipyards temporarily.

    In June, the government stepped in after shipyard workers held a one-day strike to protest working conditions in Tuzla, where 21 workers were killed in accidents in the last nine months. A number of labor unions, non-governmental organizations and intellectuals extended full support to the strike. 

    A total of 99 workers have died at the shipyard since 1992. The sub-contracting system and noncompliance with the occupational safety regulations in shipyard operations are seen as the major causes of the deaths in Tuzla.

    Photo: Osman Orsal

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