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    These are the Swiss President’s responses to Hürriyet questions:

    Hürriyet Haber
    29.01.2006 - 13:43 | Son Güncelleme:

    Was it possible to clear-up any barriers regarding the relationship between the two countries during your meeting with Prime Minister Erdogan? “I will be very honest. We established that there were no barriers blocking the relationship between the two countries. There is no reason why we should not continue the well-founded ties between Turkey and Switzerland, be it economically or socially. We spoke very openly, and brought forward questions about how we could deepen and renew these ties, in particular with regards to trade.”

    But you agree that there are certain problems between the two countries, like the Armenian question and the eventful Turkey-Switzerland football match?
    Naturally, we also discussed some controversial subjects, and decided that “we cannot let the events of one match hinder our relationship. We will leave this decision to FIFA. FIFA should decide what happens and deal with this problem”.
    As regards to the Armenian question, I said that as Switzerland, we too, played a role in the Second World War. We left it to our historians who discussed it; we came to terms with our involvement.”



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