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    Teacher’s apology victory

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    22.01.2006 - 12:20 | Son Güncelleme:

    Ayşe Zerrin Belgin, 43, teacher for 14 years, won a legal battle against a shopping centre in Konya who had accused her of theft of a tee-shirt. The shopping centre published a formal apology to teacher Ayşe Zerrin Belgin in 3 local newspapers for 3 days in a row. Belgin, teacher of craftwork at Zübeyde Hanım Vocational Secondary School for Girls, bought a tee-shirt worth 5 New Turkish Liras (YTL) in a well-known shopping centre in Konya on March 17, 2005.

    As Belgin was paying, the cashier removed only one of two barcodes on the item. While leaving the shopping centre, the security alarm went off – triggered by the magnetic doors at the exit. As other customers stared in amazement at Belgin, security officers forcefully took the teacher to the administrative section of the store. Belgin was then searched – as well as her bag – and it was found out that the alarm had been set off by the forgotten barcode on the tee-shirt.

    Letters of apology in 3 newspapers

    After the representatives at the shopping centre released her with no charges, teacher Belgin wanted a formal apology to be made. However, Ayşe Zerrin Belgin made her way home in tears as this did not happen. As a result, Belgin filed a case of 1YTL for emotional compensation against the shopping centre at Konya 1 Magistrate's Court, and demanded that the shopping centre publish a formal apology in local newspapers.

    Representatives stated that they were apologetic in court, but as the hearing progressed and it was clear that the decision was going to be against them, they accepted to publish an apology for 3 days running in 3 local newspapers. “I feel that I have regained my dignity in the community, as a result of the apology”, stated Belgin.

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