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    Secret paper about Seminary found out

    Hurriyet Daily News
    28.04.2009 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    ISTANBUL - A very interesting document related to the debate about reopening Halki Seminary has been discovered, reported daily Milliyet yesterday.

    According to the document, the ruling Ecevit government had an initiative 2000 to open the seminary but the Minority Collateral Commission, which included bureaucrats, prevented the effort because it was against "national politics" and meant the change of the "National Policy Document."

    The hidden truth about opening Halki Seminary, which came to Turkey’s agenda with the visit of U.S. President Barak Obama at the beginning of this month, showed that the commission of bureaucrats had great power in decisions about minorities behind the curtains.

    The Minority Collateral Commission had a meeting May 9, 2000, which was attended by bureaucrats from the National Education, Internal and Foreign Affairs Ministries, Religious Affairs, National Intelligence Organization, or MIT, General Staff and National Security Council, to debate the charge of the Prime Ministry about opening of the Halki Seminary.

    The secret document about the meeting, which was signed by all the representative bureaucrats, revealed that the commission rejected the prime minister’s goal, reasoning that it was against national politics and would cause a change in "Turkey’s national policy document." Due to harmonization work for the EU, the Minority Collateral Commission changed its name to the Appraisal Commission of Minority Issues in Jan. 5 2005.
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