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    Sack Suit To U.S.

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    24.10.2003 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    British Author Michael Todd, who was detained by U.S. forces in Suleymaniye together with Turkish soldiers on July 4, said that the Americans had thought that he was a commander of the Turkish Special Forces and treated him as if he were a terrorist. Todd said that he would bring a suit against U.S. Todd wrote a report of 16 pages regarding what had been done to him and to the detained Turkish soldiers and sent it to U.S. President George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, some British deputies and American senators on September 17. Todd said; The detained Turkish Special Force soldiers and I were made wear orange overalls as if we were terrorists. They put sacks on our heads when they were moving us from one place to another. We could not breathe and could not see around. Handcuffs were so tight that our veins burst. I went there to look for my daughter Sacide, that I have never seen and even the whole world knew about that. I had all necessary official documents. The Americans did not even feel the need to take a look at those. They regarded me as a terrorist. Since I bore a brochure of Hilton Ankara they thought that I was a commander of the Turkish Special Forces. Therefore they made me get on the Suleymaniye truck. The American soldiers, who were as young as a child, were taking our pictures with their digital cameras. But that was totally in violation of the Geneva Convention.Todd said that the Turkish troops were beaten, kicked, and spat. He said; A black American soldier kicked the commander of the Turkish Special Forces, when he was lying on the ground. They put sacks on our heads in front of the office in Suleymaniye, then they removed these sacks and made us walk around in the city center and made everyone see us. Our prestige became nil in the eyes of those who previously knew us.Todd also said that the American soldiers did not give them water even though they asked for it.
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