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    Red Crescent Finally Apologizes after Nine Years

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    12.02.2005 - 11:52 | Son Güncelleme:

    Insensitivity's of the Red Crescent have come to an end with a change over in management. The Red Crescent now operating under new management have finally issued a long-awaited public apology to a boy of nine years, who was infected with the H.I.V virus by the organization in an accident when he was a baby.

    The boy's family have suffered great emotional trauma as a result of the old management's behavior and lack of sensitivity, but are finally finding some closure on the emotions that run deep against the organization.

    A conversation reported between the boy's parents and the old management of the The Red Crescent was shockingly callous. In reply to the boy's father saying that no one had paid any attention to his son the old management replied: "On the contrary, you received 30 billion TL from us as compensation. What else can we do for you? There are dozens of people who would voluntarily carry the H.I.V virus for this money!"

    "They even went as far as to accuse us for being wrong in taking the compensation," said the boy's father. "But thankfully, with the new management came a new mentality and they have been very kind in visiting our son at home bringing gifts and kind words of apology."

    The new deputy chairman, Sirel Atay visited the home of the boy delivering an apology personally to the distraught family, "I know it's late, but I wanted to pay you a personal apology on behalf of Kizilay, so that you can understand just how sorry we are for what happened and also for not recognizing it until now."

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