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    Raid to Wedding Cell: 53 Captured

    Hürriyet Haber
    02.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Police captured 53 people from the DHKP-C organization, in simultaneous operations in five countries, inflicting a big blow of the illegal organization that had planned to raid the wedding of PM Erdogan’s son in Istanbul last summer.According to Italians, the reason of the operation, was the plans of the organization to raid Erdogan’s wedding.In operations carried out in Istanbul 53 people, including Sadi Ozpolat, an official of DHKP-C, were detained. Concerted operations were carried out in Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Netherland on Turkey on Wednesday midnight. 16 people were taken under custody in Europe while Italian RAI TV Channel announced that the real reason of the operation was the plans of the organization to raid the wedding of PM Erdogan’s son Bilal last summer. Italian PM Berlusconi was the guest of that wedding too. Turkey started work together with the Interpol after it was found out that a number of raids of the organization in Turkey, were carried out upon instructions by the officials of DHKP-C who were in Europe. Belgium SummitSix months ago, a commission led by Intelligence Chief Sabri Uzun, convened in Belgium. In that meeting which was hidden from the public, the terror actions of DHKP-C in Turkey were taken up in detail and the first step of a joint operation was taken. The European police then carried out intelligence work about the members of the organization, detecting the places they lived. The operation in all five countries was launched at 00.05. In Istanbul 37 people were detained in operations carried out by 400 police. Eyup Beyaz, who was found out to prepare to assassinate Tayyip Erdogan as a live bomb, was also detained. ItalyIn shock-raids carried out in Perugia, five people, including 2 Turks, were captured. About 100 policemen, gendarme forces and snipers from DIGOS led by Security Director Nicola Maiano, cracked a DHKP-C cell. One of the militants, Avni Er was learned to have married an Italian woman a few months ago and received a residence permit. An Italian named Modeno Pasquielli, who provided hideouts and logistic support to DHKP-C and who led the Marxist-Leninist Environment in Assisi, was also captured in operations. RAI TV Channel said that the real reason of these 5 simultaneous operations was the plans made by the organization to raid the wedding of Bilal Erdogan. Ten people were reported detained in operations in Germany but the local police did not disclose the identities of those. The 36 people detained in Istanbul, included Sadi Ozpolat, who was released by benefiting from the Amnesty Law of last year.
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