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    PKK: If we are driven out of Iraq, we will enter Turkey

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    16.09.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    One of the PKK's known directors, Murat Karayilan, has warned that if Turkey succeeds with its pressure on the US to get the PKK driven out of Northern Iraq, that his group will "wage war on Turkey." Karayilan also stressed that "without the permission of the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdistan Patriotic Union, no one can give us directions." Karayilan made these statements to the Mesopotamian News Agency, which was recently banned in Germany as a result of concrete evidence of its ties to the PKK. The news agency has since continued publishing news on the internet under a new name. Mentioning recent statements by Turkish Armed Forces General Hilmi Ozkok, Karayilan said "The General says 'We have problems, but our problems can be solved in different ways. Not by going out on the streets, by throwing molotov cocktails, by breaking things.' Ok, this is true....So if the Armed Forces are speaking in earnest, let them open the way for us, let them clear the path for us to bring our problems to a platform for democratic discussion." Karayilan made it clear throughout his statements however that nothing would happen to the PKK presence in Northern Iraq without the specific approval of Kurdish politicians and groups there. 
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