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    Osama will not like this: world leaders react to start of Turkey accession talks

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    04.10.2005 - 13:12 | Son Güncelleme:

    Reactions started to flow in from leaders from around the world with the announcement that an agreement had been reached that would open to the doors to the start of EU accession talks with Turkey. A sampling of some of the reactions:

    Portuguese Foreign Minister, Diogo Freitas do Amaral: This decision will have an affect on Islamic countries around the world. The US will like it, but Osama bin Laden will not.
    EU term president British Foreign Minister, Jack Straw: Years ago, when Europe needed protection, we turned to Turkey. When Turkey became a NATO member, we applauded, because we needed it. Now we have kept a 40 year promise. A 30 hour difficult process lies behind us, but it was worth it. Today is an historical day for Europe.
    EU Commissioner for Expansion, Olli Rehn: The question of 'capacity for acceptance' has exhausted us all over the past 30 hours. The EU has a need for a stable and democratic Turkey. The result is satisfying from every perspective.
    EU Commissioner for Turkey, Jean Christophe Filori: First we tried to satisfy Austria, then we aimed to get a positive response from Turkey. I believe that in the end we have pleased all sides.
    EU Representative for Foreign Policy and Defense, Javier Solana: We experienced a situation like this at the Helsinki Summit of 1999. This is an important development for Europe, Turkey, and the entire world. No one lost, and everyone won.
    An unnamed US authority who spoke to the Hurriyet: This is a victory for Turkey, the result of 40 years of work. It will not be easy after this though. The US has given all the support it could to help get through the problems.
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