GeriGündem Mehmet Yilmaz: "peace walk" of Pippa, "freedom walk" of Turkish women
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Mehmet Yilmaz: "peace walk" of Pippa, "freedom walk" of Turkish women

We all felt deep sorry after hearing of the rape and murder of Italian "peace bride" Pippa Bacca. We were also ashamed since she was a guest in Turkey.

Actually, it is not only the tragic ending that Pippa lived that we should be ashamed of; we should be ashamed that she is not the first woman raped and killed in this country.

I want to propose something here.

I propose to continue the mission that Pippa started.

I considered the notion of a female Turkish artist dressed in white wedding dress continue on the same route as Pippa and fulfill her goal.

Of course I am aware of how dangerous such an act is for a woman in this country, what is more, we all witnessed it. What if a group of supporters of womens' rights accompanying her?

And, what if were to transform the "peace walk" of Pippa into the "freedom walk" of Turkish women in our country.

Yesterday, I spoke to Seda Ercan, the chief editor of Elele magazine about my proposal and she said her magazine would be willing to support a small group of volunteers to fulfill this unfinished mission.

What I am saying is that Elele magazine has agreed to meet the cost of the brides' dresses and expenses for the journey.

Let's get moving. Let's stop just feeling sorry.

If we don't take this opportunity to claim to the right for women to travel freely on the streets and the roads of this country now, we never will!


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