GeriGündem Five CHP parliamentarians resign from their party
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Five CHP parliamentarians resign from their party

Ahmet Guryuz Ketenci, Hakki Akalin, Ersoy Bulut, Zuheyir Amber and Mustafa Sayar, five parliamentarians from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), resigned from their party on Monday.Five parliamentarians held a joint press conference in which they announced that they would join the Social Democrat People's Party (SHP) tomorrow (Tuesday).

Thus, the number of political parties represented in the parliament will increase to 6.

AKP            : 360
CHP            : 163
DYP            :   6
ANAP           :   4
HYP            :   1
Independent    :  15
Vacant         :   1
TOTAL          : 550
(CHP stands for main opposition Republican People's Party, DYP stands for True Path Party, ANAP stands for Motherland Party and HYP for People's Rise Party)

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