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    EU Council Passes Cyprus Regulations

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    30.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The EU Council approved on Thursday the Cyprus Regulations described as the first step towards ending the isolation of Turkish Cypriots. The regulations which were taken up a day before by the COREPERS will be effective as from May 1.The Regulations pave way to; the free circulation of EU citizens in Cyprus in crossing from the Green Line, the export of some produce of TRNC to EU over Southern Cyprus thus contributing to the tourism sector of TRNC, to consider the 259-million Euro financial aid by EU to Northern Cyprus. Within the next two months the EU Commission will formulate its measures and projects to end the economic isolation of Turkish Cypriots. The Commission officials appeared to be very hesitant and worried about how the proposals to be formulated by the Commission will be implemented and what kind of “Obstacles” and “Legal problems” will be confronted and have difficulty in answering the relevant questions. Speaking to journalists on the condition of “Off-the record” the officials say that the method of implementing the decisions will be “Observed in the site” and do not hide their hesitation. They said that “We failed to solve the Cyprus problem, but did not end our efforts either.” However they give vague answers to questions about which persons or which goods will be able to freely circulate over the Green Line and which gates will be used. Sources say that initially, citrus, sea and agriculture products might be delivered from the North to the South free of customs, provided that these should be of Cyprus –origin and comply with hygienic standards. Sources point out to the necessity to receive an unanimous vote to make available the 259-million-Euro assistance to Northern Cyprus.
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