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    EU Commissioner Rehn: Joschka Fischer calls me 'Mustafa'

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    07.10.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    EU Commissioner for Expansion, Olli Rehn, has spread good will through Ankara during meetings at the Turkish Parliament this week. Drinking a cup of strong Turkish coffee at the Foreign Affairs commission, Rehn was quoted as saying: "Everyone thinks I am very Turkish. Joschka Fischer (the German Foreign Minister) even calls me 'Mustafa' sometimes."   Rehn's meetings with the Foreign Affairs Commission at the Turkish Parliamentary buildings in Ankara took place with the EU's Turkey Delegation president Hansjorg Kretschmer by his side. Responding diplomatically to opposition CHP Party MP Onur Oymen's question "How is it possible that Austria, Greece, the Greek Cypriots, and we, the Turks, can all be pleased by this document?", Rehn said "Every reader of this document can find something in it for themselves." Noted Rehn, "It is a political art, preparing a document which can satisfy many different viewpoints."  Stressing that full membership was the goal of Turkey's EU accession process, Rehn also touched on the questions of minorities in Turkey, as well as the lifting of visa restrictions for Turkish citizens in the EU in the future. Noting that the European Agreement on Human Rights would be Turkey's framework for the treatment of minorities in the nation, he also said that "the free unrestricted travel of Turkish citizens within Europe might be put off until the year 2020 or so."
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