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    Erdoğan's Parliament address on 'Democratic Initiative'

    14.11.2009 - 12:01 | Son Güncelleme:

    Prime Minister Erdogan informed parliamentarians about the government's democratic move process and its content in the parliamentary general assembly which convened to debate 'Democratic Inıtiative' in Ankara.

    One of late Ataturk's achievements was to bring together all forms of differences under the roof of the Turkish Parliament and later within citizenship of the Republic of Turkey.


    This parliament can not make concessions from its principles established 89 years ago on colorfulness, freedom and democracy.


    Making efforts to prevent the Turkish government from explaining its democratic move and not expressing what they think could not be a style of opposition.


    The fashion of behavior in the nation's parliament should be one that would be a role model to children, the youngsters and the whole nation. The behavior made in the parliament should be based on common sense.


    No country, society, group or class of people can impose anything on this parliament of the Turkish nation.



    It is wrong to label our move as one on terror only. It is also wrong to solely define the move as one on the Kurdish problem.


    The goal is national unity and brotherhood. The process is one on the democratic move.


    The AK Party was the single party that got its deputies elected in 80 provinces out of a total of 81 provinces. Why? This is because we embraced all of our people and did not isolate any one. There is no discrimination in our understanding.


    As of tomorrow (Saturday), we are going to reach our nation. We will explain the democratic move in all 81 provinces of Turkey.


    Democracy is not a reason for fear but is the cure of all fears.


    Turkey's recent history has shown us that ignoring problems does not end problems but makes them more complex.



    The Turkish Parliament has an obligation to tell certain things to a mother whose son is serving in the military and another mother whose son lost his life on the mountains without communication for years.


    The fight against terrorism was viewed as merely an issue of security for the past 25 years. Mountains were bombed and cross border operations were waged against terrorism. But terror did not end. As such, the fight against terrorism could not be successful simply with security forces.


    There are psychological, sociological, diplomatic and economic dimensions of the fight against terrorism. We have to focus on these dimensions. Since my speech delivered in south-eastern province of Diyarbakır in 2005, we have worked on these dimensions.


    To date, we have made investments worth 15 quadrillion liras in the region in the fields of education, health, justice, security, energy and agriculture.


    From now on, babies, children and young individuals should not grow up with feelings of revenge.



    This is not the day to yell and scream. It is not the day to leave our country on fire and pain with concerns of votes and offices. This is the day to think big and embrace.


    Regardless of how many ethnic groups there may be, whether it is Turks, Kurds, Circassians, Lazs, Georgians, Abkhazians or Gypsies, we have respect and love for all, Erdogan said.


    All ethnic groups are citizens of the Republic of Turkey and we look at them as such. This is the reality.


    Have your fields, on which you plant vegetables and fruits and on which your animals feed on, ever been declared a forbidden zone? Have your villages ever been surrounded by terrorists at night and these terrorists sprayed bullets on individuals praying in mosques?


    Have terrorists abducted your sons, daughters or properties? Have terrorists collected money from you illegally? Have the roads of your villages been planted with mines? Those saying mothers are ought to cry, have your sons or children been killed?


    You can not put side by side the terrorist organization with my citizens of Kurdish origin. The problems of my citizens of Kurdish origin are different and so is the terrorist organization.


    Talking about division and betrayal could not be associated with patriotism and nationalism.



    I believe today should be accepted as a new beginning for Turkey.


    For the past four months, we have made efforts to explain the process to the opposition with political politeness and wanted to receive their agreement on the matter.


    There is an attitude (among the opposition) that exploits soldiers killed on duty, veterans and Ataturk.


    I do not wish to break the hearts of anyone or hurt emotions. We have in our hands an historical opportunity. Our nation and their prayers are with us. Our path is the one of the nations.


    It is our greatest dream to see the government and nation blend with each other and to see that all citizens feel this in their hearts.


    Everyone should be confident that Turkey is progressing in this direction in an atmosphere of security.

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