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    Emin Colasan: No asking questions about the EU allowed!

    Hürriyet Haber
    30.09.2005 - 12:53 | Son Güncelleme:

    It used to be, that in the beginning, the Turkish public looked at the situation from the most positive perspective possible: "We will enter the EU, throw our passports into our pockets with no visa necessary, fling ourselves into Europe. We'll find work there and live like kings!"

    Following an enormous brain washing by the media, most of our people believed this.
    But now, just go into the streets and ask around...you will find that this perspective has largely changed. Because people are sick of being inspected, sick of the degradation to our country.
    As a principle, it is right that Turkey should be a part of the EU. But not under these conditions. Even the most ardent supports of Turkey's EU entrance have been left surprised by the things Turkey has experienced in the last days. Newspaper columnists, the Foreign Ministry, the government...they are all in shock. No one knows what to do. No one knows where this is all going. We are stuck in a corner. The PM is saying one thing while the FM says another. October 3 is in a few days, and the government has no idea what will happen.
    Abdullah Gul is not even receiving reporters or photographers in his offices these days for standard procedures due to the fact that he knows they will ask him about the EU, and he won't be able to answer! A written statement from the Foreign Ministry was explicit in its recommendation to reporters: "We request that for now you not ask us about the EU, and please leave your questions for later."
    Even if the talks do start as planned on Monday, there are some overwhelmingly depressing subjects which will be put before us:
    -Recognition of an Armenian genocide. (So we will be accepting that in 1915 we cut up the Armenians!)
    -Recognition of the Cypriot Greek authority. (Open your ports and airports to the Greek Cypriots.)
    Then of course eyes will turn to the southeast. The payment we will be forced to give on this front will open the way to the division of our country.
    Now pay attention: Is there anyone from the government who is standing up to say "We have nothing more that we are willing to give up on these subjects!" The answer is no of course.
    Like a sacrificial lamb, we have stretched out our neck, and are leaving our future and our honor to the hands of others. For days I have been waiting for the Prime Minister or at least the Foreign Minister to come out and say forcibly: "Honorable EU, as the Turkish Republic, we have proven that there was no Armenian genocide with our documents. If you bring this tale of lies before us as a condition tied to EU membership, we will not be any part of this membership process."
    But our government has other problems! Well, let the start talks begin. Let the stock markets go up, let privatization increase, give the government a few more months in power. The Armenian genocide, Cyprus questions, independence in the southeast, blah blah blah. We've gotten on the horse and are heading towards hell.
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