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    Do explain Belgium!

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    05.04.2004 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Two incredible relations have come out between the Belgian government and illegal terror organization DHKP-C. We demand answers to the following two questions from Belgium:DID YOU MAKE AN AGREEMENT WITH BLOODY TERROR ORGANIZATION DHKP-C? The spokesman of DHKP-C, Musa Agaoglu, said in a press conference in Brussels that, “We have an agreement based on trust with the Belgian Interior Ministry.” Did you make a confidential agreement with DHKP-C, which is deemed as a bloody terror organization by the whole world including Europe?IS YOUR MINISTRY DEFENDING A TERRORIST? A Spokesman of the Belgian Ministry of Justice said that Fehriye Erdal, who was one of the assassins of businessman Ozdemir Sabanci, was among the ones that were taken into custody within the scope of operations in the Europe. He added that, however, the Interior Ministry provided the release of Fehriye. So, do you protect a terrorist?
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