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    Crypt Prevented Catastrophe

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    16.10.2003 - 10:55 | Son Güncelleme:

    It was revealed that the cryptogram having an emergency code conveyed by Ambassador Paksut to Ankara prevented a catastrophe in the attack on the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad. Embassy: A suicide attack might occur. We await approval for surrounding the Embassy with barriers.

    Ankara: Do whatever necessary, you have the initiative.

    A crypt bearing emergency code, sent by Osman Paksut, Turkey’s Ambassador to Baghdad, to Ankara twice, reportedly prevented a disaster in the case of the suicide attack on the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad. The first time when Paksut sent the crypt, corresponds to the immediate aftermath of the adoption of the permit to send troops to Iraq. The Ambassador sent the same crypt four days ago once again. The crypt said, “Information we collected from both our own sources and from American sources shows that a suicide attack on our Embassy can happen any time. Therefore we ask for approval to raise barriers surrounding the Embassy.”

    In response, Ankara said, “Do whatever necessary, you have the initiative.” Upon this response, Turkish Embassy in Baghdad was surrounded by concrete walls. Turkish diplomatic sources stated that these walls reduced the level of damage by 90%.

    Regarding the suicide attack on the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad, Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, who is in Malaysia for the meetings of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), said, “No one can affect the determination of Turkey about securing peace and stability in Iraq. Everyone should know this. Moreover, Turkey has no covert aims in Iraq.”

    An article condemning the attack on Turkish Embassy is expected to be attached to the motion on Iraq, which was prepared within the framework of OIC meetings, before the motion is opened to signature of the leaders today. Amr Mousa, the Secretary General of the Arab League, who met Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul yesterday, said; We regretted the raid on the Turkish Embassy on Tuesday. Turkish people are not the enemy of Iraq. Turkey will continue to be a neighbor of Iraq.

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