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    British FM Straw's visit with Talat elicits Greek anger

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    26.01.2006 - 13:08 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Greek Cypriot authority has reacted negatively to the official visit by British Foreign Minister Jack Straw to the northern side of the island, where he met with Northern Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat. Arriving on the Greek Cypriot side, FM Straw was not received into the airport's VIP salon, nor was he granted meetings with either Greek Cypriot leader Tasos Papadopulos or other high ranking political leaders.

    Protestors on the Greek side held up puppets wearing fezes to show their displeasure with Straw's contacts on the Turkish side. As for Straw, he carried a message to President Talat that "Prime Minister Blair would like to invite you to London." Talat, for his part, underlined that Northern Cyprus wished for England to support the new action plan on Cyprus.
    Said Talat: "We reminded Straw of the responsibilities England shoulders as a 'guarantor country' in this matter. We are looking for support from England on the matter of lifting isolationary measures from Northern Cyprus. Straw said that the specific timing for my visit to London with PM Blair had not yet been clarified."
    FM Straw said that he was saddened and surprised by the Greek Cypriot reaction to his meeting with Northern Cypriot leader Talat.
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