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    Bosphorus and Sabanci University rectors warn: This will create problems for Turkey

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    23.09.2005 - 11:10 | Son Güncelleme:

    The rectors of both Bosphorus and Sabanci universities came together yesterday evening at Bosphorus University to analyze the situation following a court decision calling off the Armenian conference scheduled to start today at Bosphorus University. In a statement following the rectors' 3 hour meeting, Rector Ayse Soysal of Bosphorus University said "We would like to announce to the public that though we are forced to comply with the court's decision to stop the conference from going forward, we will use all of our legal rights to battle the decision."

    Responding to a reporter's query as to whether or not the court's decision would affect Turkey's EU accession process negatively, Sabanci University's Rector Tosun Terzioglu said "Not just the EU process, but this decision will create problems for Turkey in terms of its being accepted as a secular and democratic country." Terzioglu went on to note that he and his collegues were "worried that this would create serious problems for Turkey's prestige," and that Turkey's universities and teaching core would have difficulty being perceived as "modern and civilized." Said Terzioglu, "This is the real problem."

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