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    Hürriyet Haber
    02.02.2006 - 11:41 | Son Güncelleme:

    If a person must be a chicken, then it would be better to be an "capital wealth chicken" than a "village chicken." After all, while both of these are chickens, one is a chicken that the government has decided to wipe out, while the other receives support from the government. May money's eye be blind, as they say.

    The rich owners of chickens are one thing, while the poor owners are quite another.
    By now, of course, you have seen the pictures: in front, the Prime Minister, while behind him stand cabinet members, MPs, bureaucrats, each holding a chicken drumstick in hand while flashbulbs pop. But whose chicken are they eating? Why, "capital wealth chicken" of course. The purpose of all this chicken-eating in front of cameras, media members, and citizens was to promote the poultry industry in Turkey. What they were trying to say was "Look, we're eating it. You can eat it too." But about that poor, village chicken? That's dangerous.
    The other day, the Agriculture Ministry made a decision to get rid of village poultry production.
    I have seen delegations of people taking part in international talks, delegations of people opening bridges or dams at ceremonies, delegations of people visiting the Ataturk Monument; but I have never before seen a delegation of people eating chicken. As the Prime Minister brought the drumstick to his mouth, the others there all watched from the corners of their eyes as the meat his mouth, and then they all bit down together. They all shake their heads in unison, as if to say "My God, how delicious."
    Because this is capital-wealth chicken.  But if had been village chicken....Well, probably someone would have yelled, "Run, it's got bird fluuuuuu!!!!"
    Yes, if a person must be a chicken, it would be better to be a rick chicken. Though we all know that village chickens are really more like chickens, while capital chickens are nothing more than hormone and antibiotic deposits.
    But the chicken which has been honored by the Turkish Parliament is the capital chicken. After all, they are: respected, important, crucial, beneficial to us. While the village chicken is: dangerous, harmful, frightening.
    What can you do, that's just the way it is, friends. This is the difference between poverty and wealth.
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