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    Armenian lobbies turn up pressure in the US with unusual tool: rock music

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    26.09.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    The Armenian lobby in the US has turned to unusual alternatives to start getting attention for the upcoming vote in the US Congress on a bill aimed at making the Armenian genocide an officially recognized date on the US calendar. A campaign spearheaded by a variety of Armenian groups and titled "Do the Right Thing" has picked US House of Representatives House Speaker Dennis Hastert as the target of its initiative.To this end, the Armenian rock group "System of a Down" is planning a live concert outside the Illinois offices of Hastert, in a bid to get the congressman's attention. "System of a Down" has four members, all of whom are Americans of Armenian descent, and some of the lyrics to their music include refernences to the Armenian genocide.  Hastert has been picked as the target of the "Do the Right Thing" campaign because, as House Speaker, he will play a key role in whether the Armenian bill makes it to the agenda of the Congress. While the White House has clarified its stance against these two bills, it is not known what Hastert's position will be. If the bills make it to the floor, many expect they will pass.
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