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    4.8 Billion YTL was Laundered in 8 Years

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    18.02.2005 - 00:00 | Son Güncelleme:

    Following the investigation by the Financial Crimes Board (MASAK) of the Finance Ministry reports show that an estimated 4 billion 800 million YTL (4 quadrillion 800 trillion TL) has been laundered in Turkey over the last eight years. During the eight years investigated 2,138 money-laundering transactions were made.MASAK started the investigations February 17. 1997. Of the 2,138 money-laundering transactions 960 of them reportedly originated from the offices of the public prosecutor, 658 of them were from public institutions, 48 of them were from banks, 19 from the press, 421 of them were from the private persons and private companies and 32 were from abroad. In their determination to combat money-laundering MASAk discovered that there were as many as 1352. 923 suspicious transactions, 369 of them were by the customs administrations of banks, 52 of them were by the foreign exchange offices, 2 of them were by the insurance agencies, 2 of them were by the intermediary institutions and 4 of them were by the private finance institutions.
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