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Turkey should not miss the ’nano-train’
ISTANBUL - Turkey needs to construct the necessary infrastructure and find financing for nanotechnology to benefit from the industry, Ahmet Dördüncü, chief executive of Sabancı Holding said yesterday.

Turkey should not miss the ’nano-train’ "For nanotechnology to add value to the economy, it is imperative to establish cooperation mechanisms and to increase awareness of the public, while also introducing laws and founding bodies that will support the development of the industry," Dördüncü said at a conference organized by the National Innovation Initiative and the Turkish-American Scientists and Scholars Association.

Professor Steven Director of Northeastern University said the global nanotechnology market was expected to total $1 trillion by 2015. "One problem is on the cooperation of companies and universities. Companies put emphasis on confidentiality, while universities opt for publishing scientific results," he said.
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