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Ertuğrul Özkök - English
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Turkish army's new diplomatic method: Speaking without words

The last 24 hours have revealed that very important changes have taken place in our democratic culture.

Haberin Devamı

Everyone is aware of how angry the military body is.


Despite this situation, no statement was issued in the middle of the night.


Thankfully not...


Their grievances are being delivered diplomatically, without resorting to the might of stripes and tanks.


The attitude and stance of members of the Court of Appeals is also very clear.


They also held an hours-long meeting, but they did not release a statement either.


Fortunately, there is none.


Since these trials will come before them in the future, giving a statement at this time it would be wrong.


They also did the right thing.


How will we assess these stances?


As the military and judiciary bodies are defeated; or this the way, that they acted in a manner which is necessary in a democratic regime.

Haberin Devamı


Of course the second response is right.


But, we should also expect all other institutions including politics, the police and other courts and judges, to abide by democracy, as these institutions have shown.


Everyone wins if everyone behaves in compliance with the rule of law.


And only those in favor of dictatorship lose...


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