Virgin Mary's house in Selcuk saved from fire

Virgin Marys house in Selcuk saved from fire

Flames from a massive forest fire raging out of control along Turkey's Aegean coastline left people astounded when they stopped within 1.5 meters of the famed house in Selcuk where the Virgin Mary is said by many to have lived for some months.

According to nun Tarcy Mathias, "I prayed that the fire in Selcuk would go out, and that Mary's House would be saved. My prayers were accepted." Nun Antonia Velasco added "We very nearly lost our lives in this fire. When we reached Mary's House, we were confronted with a miracle. Though the flames had destroyed everything within 1 to 1.5 meters of the house, there was not even a spot of damage to the house itself." Vacationers Aslan Asik and Evelyn Bartals attested "We were horrified on the road here, but when we arrived at Mary's House, we felt once again its strength. The strength showed that the flames could not damage the house itself."
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