GeriGündem Turks’ sexual torque in trouble, finds study
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Turks’ sexual torque in trouble, finds study

ISTANBUL - A new national study called "Discussing Health Man-to-Man" has shown that two out of three Turkish men suffer from erectile problems.

The study was carried out on 66,670 men between the ages of 15 and 82 in 25 provinces by the Turkish Society of Andrology, the medical specialty that deals with male health, particularly relating to the problems of the male reproductive system and urological problems.

The Turkish Society of Andrology started the project in collaboration with Bayer six months ago. The results were announced at a press conference hosted by Ümit Aktan, the project’s spokesperson. Among the attendees were Sebastian Guth, Bayer’s Turkey head; Professor Önder Yaman, the president of Turkish Society of Andrology; and Professor Ateş Kadıoğlu, the former head of the society.

Aktan, speaking about the results of the project, said the team began their journey from Istanbul on Jan. 14 and continued for six months.

Aktan and other members of the team did medical checks among men for diseases and problems in their physical condition that might result in erectile dysfunction. The team interviewed men and handed out brochures at teahouses and betting shops. "Some of the men had never gone to a doctor before," Aktan said.

Kadıoğlu said they screened for diseases Ğ obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure Ğ that could lead to erection problems. Kadıoğlu said this was the biggest project in the field of men’s health in Turkey, adding that the project indicated the motto: "The penis is the barometer of a man’s health." "Sixty-seven percent of those screened were experiencing erection problems," Kadıoğlu said, adding that erection problems were found in Konya the most and in İzmir the least. İzmir is followed by Antalya and Trabzon, while Konya is followed by Gaziantep and Adana.

Kadıoğlu continued by saying today’s medicine features many products for men’s sexual health and that there is a solution for every problem: "The screenings concluded that the men of our country are experiencing sexual function problems caused by both life conditions and malnutrition."

Kadıoğlu indicated that men’s average weight in Turkey is 86.44 kilograms and average height is 174.9 centimeters. The average waistband is 97.82 centimeters (the ideal is 70-93), the average blood pressure is 123.88 (the ideal is 120), the average post-meal blood sugar is 117.12 mg/ml (the ideal is 140 mg/ml), the average body mass index is 33.72 (the ideal value is 25 and below) and the average erection hardness degree is 17.28 points (the ideal is 22 to 25 points), according to the data shared by Kadıoğlu.

Konya heaviest

The heaviest men are in Konya with 95.33 kilograms average, which is followed by Gaziantep and Adana with 93.31 kilograms and 91.13 kilograms, respectively. The thinnest men live in Antalya with an average of 75.46 kilograms, followed by Trabzon with 76.56 kilograms and Mersin with 78.3 kilograms. The tallest men are from İzmir with an average of 181 centimeters, and the shortest live in Trabzon with an average height of 168 centimeters.

Kadıoğlu said the men with the thickest waistbands are from Konya, Adana and Kayseri while their opposites are from Antalya, Trabzon and Zonguldak. Among the men who were screened, 60 percent were obese, 32 percent were overweight and only 8 percent were average. Seventy-five percent had high blood pressure problems.
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