Turkish warplanes hit 16 PKK positions in northern Iraq, army says

Turkish war jets bombed PKK positions in northern Iraq late on Thursday and hit 16 locations belonging to the terrorist organization, the army said in a briefing held on Friday. (UPDATED)

Haberin Devamı

In the operation only PKK positions were targeted, the army said in a bid to end speculation that civilian targets may have been hit. It also said intelligence efforts are underway to determine the losses suffered by the organization.

The military has not revealed any casualty figures. It said all warplanes returned safely to bases in Turkey.

Previous media reports suggest Thursday's air strikes began after 1900 GMT in two separate regions in northern Iraq. "Last night two separate regions were bombed where the PKK was believed to be taking shelter," a high-ranking Turkish security official told Reuters.

The mayor of the town of Jarawa in Iraq, Azad Wassu, said there were Turkish air strikes on the Qandil Mountains from 10 p.m. on Thursday until 12:30 a.m. The PKK confirmed the attack and said one of its members was wounded, Reuters added.

Haberin Devamı

The army also said 47 terrorists were killed in operations held in between Sept. 1-26, while Turkey lost 14 Turkish soldiers, NTV reported, citing a Turkish general as telling a press briefing.

Two terrorists were captured and eight surrendered to the Turkish security forces after attempting to flee their positions in northern Iraq, the army also said. Besides 14 soldiers, three village guards were also killed during this period, it added.

A total of 127 attacks took place in southeastern and eastern Turkey, said the army, adding that 40 percent of those were conducted with landmines and explosives, while 28 percent were armed attacks.

Six outlawed PKK separatists were killed Thursday in a clash between Turkish security forces in the southeastern province of Siirt,  the army also said.

In a separate operation at Mount Cudi, one Turkish soldier was killed by outlawed PKK separatists, it added.

Turkey, provided with intelligence by the United States, has stepped up military action against the PKK since December.

The government has asked parliament to extend a mandate, which expires next month, to launch further military operations against the PKK in Iraq.

The PKK is listed as a terrorist group by much of the international community including the United States and the EU.

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